Strictly Come Dancing Series 3 The Final

Well what a  fantastic final, all three couples gave their all. Nerves
were jangling, emotions were high, this electrically charged final was
the best seen of the SCD series so far.

Zoe and Ian, danced very well. The tango was good, may be not as
sharp and staccato as their previous tango but, a well rounded
performance with an air of confidence. The samba was rhythmical
giving a good feel of carnival, Zoe danced this well with a bit more
Colin and Erin,  gave a good performance, Colin is an all round
dancer. He showed he can dance a very light and neat quickstep;
followed by an oozy rumba with good action and fully extended lines,
disappointed not to win but what a show.

Darren and Lilia, great performance, Darren has come such a long
way in this competition, the foxtrot was soft and rhythmical lots of
feeling. He dances from his heart, showing off his lady, making the
line, finishing off, he has got what it takes. Paso was again dominated
by Darren, this is what I love to see, a man in control leading his lady
through from one shape to the next, he absolutely nailed it.
Both Darren and Colin had the ability to win but, Darren was our
personal favourite, he danced with so much feeling.

5 million votes, how marvelous for Children in Need.

And so Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2005,


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