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What should I wear?

Casual is fine; you may want a layer to take off if you get a little
Shoes: - Trainers, sandals, flip flops and heavy shoes are not
recommended. For the girls, a low heel shoe with non-grip sole. For
the guys, light shoes with a non-grip sole.

We don't have any dance experience at all - is this a problem?

Absolutely not! Many couples claim to have two left feet and no
sense of rhythm. That's where we put you at ease, after a few
lessons your confidence will grow and you will be looking good and
having fun.

My fiancee is scared of the lessons! - how can he be reassured ?

Everyone learns best when they are relaxed and enjoying
themselves. We take a fun and friendly approach and as
professional teachers we have the experience to help make your
1st dance easier to pick up.

Have you taught all of the wedding couples seen on your website?

Yes all of the photos of  wedding couples shown on this website
are just some of the many couples we have taught  for their 1st