Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 S F
Jimmy & Flavia W -
Mica & Ian - Out
Carole & Matthew - Q J F SS AS C W
Jan & Anton - Q J F Out
Spoony & Ola C - Out
Mark & Karen C - T P SS AS C VW F & S W & J Q & AT Winners
Ray & Camiila C - T P VW Out
Emma & Darren - Q J F VW S C AS W & P R & T At & S
Matt & Lilia C - T P SS AS W J Q & R VW & S F & AT
Georgina &
- R J Out
Louisa & Vincent - Q J F SS S T P VW & C R & AS
Peter & Erin W - T P VW S Out
Clair & Brendan - R J F SS AS T Out
Nicholas & Nicole Out
Strictly Come Dancing series 4

The celebrity contestants

For the Girls

Emma Bunton (singer, former spice girl)
Georgina Bouzova (actress)
Claire King (actress)
Louisa Lytton (actress)
Mica Paris (singer and TV presenter)
Jan Ravens (comedy actress)
Carol Smillie (TV presenter)

For the Guys

Ray Fearon (actor)
Matt Dawson (rugby world champion)
Nicholas Owen (newsreader)
Peter Schmeichel ( former Manchester United goalkeeper)
Spoony (DJ)
Jimmy Tarbuck (comedian and entertainer)
Mark Ramprakash (cricketer)

The Professionals

Darren Bennett & Lilia Kopylova                   
Brendan Cole
James Jordan
Anton Du Beke & Erin Boag
Vincent  & Flavia
Karen Hardy
Matthew Cutler    Nicole Cutler
Ian Waite                      
Camilla Dallerup
Ola Jordan

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key :- - = did not dance, RET = Retired, W = Waltz, C = Cha Cha Cha, R = Rumba, Q =
Quickstep, J = Jive, F = Foxtrot, P = Paso Doble, SS = Salsa,  V W = Viennese Waltz, AS
= American Smooth, S = Samba, T = Tango, AT = Argentine Tango.R&R = Rock & Roll.
Cht = Charleston. L = Lindy Hop. SD = Showdance.
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