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Social Dance
Ballroom and Latin
practice, large
wooden dance floor,
and a great music
mix with a warm
7.30 - 9.00pm

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Dance Practice
31st January
Strictly Come Dancing Series 3

BBC1's Hit show "Strictly Come Dancing" is back for a 3rd series. The series will
begin on BBC1 Saturday night 15th October. The show will be run in the same
format as first series, except this time there will be 12 couples instead of 10.
Bruce Forsyth assisted by Tess Daly  will present the BBC 1 Saturday night
The Show is reaching melt down now as we move to the semifinal stage, the
remaining couples are working harder than ever and come under more pressure to
make the final, they now have to improve the technique of the dances they have
already learned, consolidate their performance and keep up the practice taking care
not to get injured.

The eighth couple to leave are Patsy and Anton. After a good performance in Jive
and well choreographed American smooth they leave at this crucial stage, one show
short of the semi. A lot of work has gone in and it showed, this was Patsy's best
night of the series. Sad to leave and enjoyed experience, as she said "We've had the
greatest time,". 

Best performance came from Colin and Erin, a very convincing rumba followed by a
sizzling American smooth, Colin has the ability to make great lines in all styles.
Zoe and Ian were under par this week with Zoe feeling unwell, she gave and admiral
performance. Cha cha cha was a bit weak, it wasn't bad but, I think we have come to
expect more. The American smooth looked pretty good, Zoe is elegant and this
lends itself to the ballroom style dances.

James and  Camilla, James was under pressure this week with limited practice time.
His samba had various timing problems but he's determined to keep it altogether.
His stiff head position still occurs on occasions. American smooth was an o.k.
performance, the actual foxtrot in close hold was good but when he was out of
contact with Camilla he struggled. The lift at the end was of high difficulty, to pull it
off was really something, well done to him.

Darren and Lilia, again Darren is a very determined performer and he does everything
100%. Rumba was not his dance but he did enough to stay in. American smooth
was better he showed he can cope well dancing on his own.
My tip for who's out this week: well again all celebrities are working hard to stay in
the show, this weeks performance from Zoe and Ian was not so hot but I don't think
they will have a problem making the final. Colin and Erin were the best this week so
easy finalists. Darren and Lilia pretty consistent and overall are stronger contenders
for the final than James and Camilla, it could be the end of the road for the Yorkshire
Going out this week should be James and Camilla BUT it all depends on the
performance, and the public have 50% of the vote.
The Fabulous Claudia Winkleman presents the BBC2 programme "It takes two" at
6.30pm every week night (while  the series is running).  A behind the scenes view of
how the training is going, the latest gossip, the clothes, even the book makers odds
on who's going to win. The 2 Yorkshire lads Darren and James have their own person
dual of the giants, Is James going to be bowled over or Darren get all steamed up.

Semi Final
The Final

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Darren & Lilia                                   Semi final  Final    WINNERS
Colin & Erin                                     Semi final  Final  Runners up
James & Camilla                              Semi final
Gloria & Darren        Have left the floor
Will & Hanna           Have left the floor
Jaye & Andrew        Have left the floor
Bill & Karen             Have left the floor
Fiona & Brendan      Have left the floor
Dennis & Izabela      Have left the floor
Zoe & Ian                                       Semi final   Final   Third
Siobhan & Matthew  Have left the floor